Lewis Meaden is a trained pianist with a first class BA(Hons) Music degree. His background and experiences lie within musical direction of theatre performances and jazz performance, although initially Lewis studied the piano via classical ABRSM grades. Having these elements of diversity himself, the piano tuition he can deliver can be focused on the customer’s personal desires and aims, regardless of genre or style.

Lewis is based in Didsbury, if interested please contact:



“Lewis was a piano teacher for my ten-year-old son.  He was very thorough and consistent with his lessons focusing on building up a solid foundation of knowledge but also making time for a little fun and enjoyment.  Lewis was able to motivate [my son] through his patience and calm manner.  He was professional, reliable and punctual – an excellent piano teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of music.   He will be hard to replace.”

Student’s motherJuly 2016

“Lewis especially helped me with my understanding of the piano.  He taught me how to read notes and how to play fun tunes.  He made me feel confident in my learning even though I was a beginner and I now feel I want to improve on my skills and become a good pianist.  I hope to find an amazing teacher like Lewis again.”

Student age 10July 2016

“Lewis has taught myself and my son for the past three years.  He has been a brilliant teacher, teaching us both theory and practical. We have learnt a lot, and really enjoyed the lessons.  Lewis is very good at teaching.  I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of having lessons.”

Mother and Son (both students) July 2016

“Lewis was really really really kind.”

Student age 8July 2016

“Lewis was an excellent piano teacher, friendly and patient. He was always supportive when [my daughter] was struggling and Lewis actively encouraged [my daughter’s] creative expression! We will miss him!” 

Student’s motherJuly 2016

“It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Lewis.

Lewis has been teaching my son to play the piano for over a year.  I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person, with a high degree of integrity.  He made the lesson fun and interesting, whilst ensuring that they were well structured and challenging.  Lewis was always professional and [my son] always looked forward to his lessons. 

He constantly communicated well with me, informing me of [my son’s] progress.  

If it was not for Lewis moving away from Cornwall, he would still be teaching [my son].  He will be greatly missed.”

Student’s motherAugust 2016

“I first took up the piano when I was 12 and quickly became fairly competent. Sadly, like many teenagers I gave up after about 4 years and didn’t play again until I was 73! However I had retained a love of music all my life and often toyed with the idea of learning to play again. When Lewis moved into the student house directly opposite to me, it seemed like my opportunity had come, so I responded to his advertisement for piano lessons. I certainly didn’t regret it!

I had retained my knowledge of notation and some theory, so Lewis’s task was to re-kindle the old skills and motivate me to practise. Although it was clear that I would never become a virtuoso (too late for that), Lewis never ceased to encourage me, and in 18 months I made considerable progress. He showed a unique understanding of the problems of the “elderly” – e.g,  poor memory and a degree of mechanical weakness – and devised strategies to overcome these difficulties, and suggested different methods of practice.  He quickly took account of my pretty traditional musical taste, and lent me music from his own stock, as well as occasionally making recordings himself of pieces I was working on. He also supported me with the use of modern technology, setting up a metronome on my phone and directing me to the use of youtube etc. On one occasion he even arranged for me to play on a lovely grand piano at the university.

As a teacher he always showed a pleasant sense of humour, was patient with my shortcomings but never patronising, criticism was always positive and lessons became something to look forward to.

I feel very fortunate to have had 18 months tuition from such a talented and versatile musician who can relate charmingly to both young and old. Now that he has graduated with a well-deserved 1st and moved way, I will be lucky to find anyone to replace him.”

Student age 73July 2016

“Lewis has been teaching my 6 year old, for nearly 6 months and she absolutely loves it. He is the only teacher in the area to take children her age, and Lewis does so with just the right level of challenge and fun that makes her happily skip back each week.

Lewis is always calm, friendly and welcoming and I feel very happy leaving [my child] for her lesson each week.
I am absolutely blown away by the amount of progress she has made and I am completely unable to help her as she is already way beyond my capabilities!”
Student’s motherJuly 2019